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Toolkits and Wheelhouses: Michigan Historic Preservation Network Annual Conference

Art & Preservation: Creatively Connecting People to Past

Pairing art and history can develop unique heritage interpretation that appeals to a broader audience.  Learn how to successfully create, fund, and execute art-inspired programming by joining two nationally-recognized preservationists who showcase projects ranging from one-time events to long-term initiatives.  These programs can enrich your current efforts or suggest something new.

Speakers: Sarah Marsom and Lori Gonzalez

Historic Preservation: Emerging Tools and Trends   

This session focuses on four new areas of preservation practice: local activism by Young Preservationists and the Rust Belt Coalition; new ideas for community and preservation planning; increased diversity through new approaches to heritage interpretation; and emerging technologies used by preservation professionals.  Let’s talk together about national trends in the preservation field.    

Speakers: Sarah Marsom, Dr. Ted Ligibel, Ilene Tyler, Norm Tyler

Earlier Event: May 14