Recommended Reading Round Up- September 2018

 Every Friday, the Tiny Activist Project recommends a book on our social media accounts. We will do a roundup of the recommendations on the blog each month. Check the book out from your local library (request it if they do not have a copy as a part of their collection) or buy a personal copy to read and share with friends. 


 1.    Susan B. Anthony Slept Here: A Guide to American Women’s Landmarks by Lynn Sheer is a 500+ page book that tells mini stories of historic sites, statues, paintings, and more tied to important women of the past. Chapters are split up by state, so it can also serve as a handy travel guide 

You will love learning about women you have never heard about before. Whether it is finding out about Agnus Freeman’s life as a pioneer mother in Nebraska or Hawaii’s High Chieftess Kapiolani’s hike up a volcano and descent into the crater to defy the wrath of Pele (goddess of fire), you will find out stories that encompass a broad spectrum of the United States of America’s female history. 

 2.    We all know Jane Jacobs loved to ride her bike. You & A Bike & A Road by Eleanor Davis delves into the physical and emotional adventure one goes on while cycling across America. If you are interested in learning more about road issues for cyclists, how to plan a long distance bikepacking trip, or you like lovely illustrations this graphic novel is for you.


 3.    I was a contributor to the recently released 3rd edition of Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice by Ilene Tyler, Norm Tyler, and Ted Ligibel. Are you looking for a better understanding of what types of historic preservation exist, the legalities behind it all, technology, historic districts, funding, and more? This book is the perfect intro guide for someone interested in historic preservation! This edition received a thorough rewrite with new case studies, chapters, and more! 

 4.    Activity books count ... right? Are you looking for a city your Tiny Jane can rule over or your Tiny Activist can design? Check out Make It By Hans Papercraft: Paper Town. You get to colour, cut out, and construct20 buildings! This is a perfect book to help encourage a future urbanist or provide fun decorations for your office.