Recommended Reading Round Up - October 2018

 Every Friday, the Tiny Activist Project recommends a book on our social media accounts. Enjoy our monthly roundup of the recommendations! Check the book out from your local library (request it if they do not have a copy as a part of their collection) or buy a personal copy to read and share with friends. 


1. Why Old Places Matter by Thompson Mayes is a brand new release that should not be missed. Mayes’ format makes it an easy read. The chapters can be read as stand alone essays and are full of lovely color images of historic places. Why Old Places Matter delves into individual identity, sustainability, ancestors, and more. This is not your typical book about saving places... it is more about the heart of places, written from Tom’s thoughtful perspective. 
We highly recommend checking out this book! 


2. If you want a book for a baby urbanist, Tiny Town by Suzy Ultman is the perfect choice! This board book will have next generation of tiny activists flipping through different shops that make a Tiny Town a healthy walkable community for all.



3. We have been Alexandra Lange fans for years. Would even go as far as to say she is this generation’s Ada Louise Huxtable. Lange’s architecture/design/urbanism criticism pieces are thoughtful and we were very excited when her book The Design of Childhood was released earlier this year.

Cities and structures should be welcoming to people of all ages. Lange’s book delves into the history of design for youth and you will conclude with a strong understanding of what urbanists (planners/architects/community leaders) should be striving for. 


4. Create an urbanist by showing off a bit of Main Street Magic.Use this book to help connect children to historic downtowns! Main Street Magic by Ingela P. Arrhenius will brighten up story-time. Every page takes you on an adventure to discover the hidden stories of local shops. Lift the cleverly designed flaps and you never know what you will find! Our personal favorite pages are about a museum! You will be shocked to find what is hiding inside an Egyptian sarcophagus.