Recommended Reading Round Up - November 2018

Every Friday, the Tiny Activist Project recommends a book on our social media accounts. Enjoy our monthly roundup of the recommendations! Check the book out from your local library (request it if they do not have a copy as a part of their collection) or buy a personal copy to read and share with friends. 

  1. Published in 2017, What’s Worth Preserving by the Design Museum of Chicago instantly became my favorite preservation book. This beautifully designed book was published thanks to the support of a successful Kickstarter campaign and includes hand written letters from 50 individuals from diverse backgrounds (including Jane Goodall) who answered “What’s Worth Preserving?” Their responses range from the intangible to edible to the built environment. Historic preservation is diverse and this book is a reminder that preservation can be defined in a myriad of ways.

2. No book tells the story of a structure’s decline and revitalization better than The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. The story is amplified with vivid illustrations that will surely capture a kid’s attention and turn them into the youngest preservationists. You can also pair the book with the Disney short film inspired by the book with animation art by Mary Blair on youtube.


3. Whether you are a child or an adult we highly recommend Walking in the City with Jane by Susan Hughes. The beautiful illustrations by Valerie Boivin bring Jane’s adventures from childhood through adulthood to life. This book helps develop urban appreciation and inspires challenging the system/being an advocate.

4. It is commonly said that behind every great man is a great woman. Women and the Making of the Modern House by Alice Friedman thoughtfully illustrates that point in regards to modern architecture. Each chapter delves into a notable modern home - the Farnsworth House, Hollyhock, etc. and how a woman shaped the design. These women may not have been the architect, but they sure as heck pushed the architects to give them what they desired in a modern home.