Are you a crafty preservationist? We wanted to teach you how to sew your own Tiny Jane Jacobs!*  You should able to sew Tiny Jane in an afternoon.  Have fun creating your own Tiny Jane and do not forget to share her adventures on social media with #tinyjanejacobs.

Step 1- Cut and pin the pattern.  

Cut your Tiny Jane doll along the dotted line. Once you have cut the pattern, pin the front and back of Tiny Jane together. Make sure to have the printed side facing inward. You can pin in the center of the doll or along the edges, depending on your preference.

Step 2- Start sewing!

Sew by hand or with a machine, in a well lit area to see the printed image through the fabric. Sew along Jane’s perimeter or just inside to avoid white showing once you turn her right-side-out. Make sure to leave a gap along her side that is at least 1.5 inches for flipping

Step 3- Flip her inside out!

Before you flip Tiny Jane, cut at the base of her neck, armpits, to either side of her legs and around her curved elements (head, hands, feet). These “notches” will help with flipping, and help her retain curves.

Flipping Tiny Jane right-side-out requires patience and chopsticks, so order some take out. We recommend doing a variation of this youtube tutorial. Put one chopstick inside of Tiny Jane’s appendage, and use the second chopstick to flip the fabric.

Step 4- Fill her with stuffing!

Each sew your own kit comes with stuffing, but you can get creative!  Fill Tiny Jane with beans if you want added weight. Fill her with dried lavender if you want a smell good Tiny Jane. If you want her to be bendy, you could create a wire skeleton.  Stuff her as much or as little as you would like.

Step 5- Finish sewing Tiny Jane.

You can quickly sew her shut with a blue thread that matches her dress using an exterior stitch or you can use the hidden stitch to hide your work. We think both options look great!  Once you are done sewing, take your Tiny Jane on an adventure.


If you have any questions about sewing your Tiny Jane, email

*Tiny Jane Jacobs was illustrated by Shannon May.