Modern Phoenix Week + Desert Modernism Design Challenge

Textile art was an integral part of many mid century women’s lives. Women created woven textiles, created unique fabric designs, sewed items for themselves/their home/their family, etc.  

My desire to combine sewing with storytelling has inspired me to partnerwith Spoonflower and Modern Phoenix for a dynamic event March 2019. Together we launched the Desert Modernism Design Challenge, which is encouraging people to be inspired by the designs of the past to create their own repeating pattern for fabric.

I am looking forward to being a part of Modern Phoenix Week as their 2019 keynote. My keynote is titled “Engaging NextGen” and will delve into the importance of expanding what stories are told for the future of historic preservation. As I develop this talk and prepare the sewing workshop, I am reflecting on how integral textiles have been in the history of Arizona from the original people of the land, the native tribes weaving for practical purposes and storytelling to the mid century designs by Arizona icons such as Sophie andHarwood Steiger and then the people today who are creating contemporary designs inspired by the state’s history and nature.

A compilation of Sophie and Harwood Steiger fabrics. Photo Credit:

A compilation of Sophie and Harwood Steiger fabrics. Photo Credit:

I’m not coming to Arizona and Modern Phoenix Week just to give a lecture, I’m also leading a Sew Modern! workshop where we will sew pillows utilizing the winning design from the Desert Modernism Design Challenge. After our crafting hour, we will use our pillows as cushions and watch the iconic Pillow Talk starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Mid century design was not encapsulated in a bubble, the past informed the designs being created, and today the full continuity of time impacts our lives today. I hope to see you at Modern Phoenix Week!